Jody Kerns is a southern belle that kicks like a mule!   have tagged her the “Joan Rivers” of the South.
Being a bit irreverent at times with her adult “in your face” comedy style, she will keep you in stitches! FAIR WARNING – NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!
She has won several comedy competitions, appeared on ABC’s “The View” and Chelsea Handler’s “Girls Behaving Badly.”  She has also been in several Indy Films plus the made for television movie “A Woman Named Jackie.”
Jody has worked almost all of the major clubs including the Improv’s.
Self-deprecating humor along with a wide range of topics covering family, sex, drugs and being a “Bad Grandma”, keep both men and women laughing until their sides hurt!
So, if you’re feeling brave enough, and want to get your laugh on, don’t miss Jody’s show, You’re gonna be glad you came!